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The Keynote Judgment Recovery (KJR), Ltd. Team

We do NOT act like most "Collection Agencies" who (from our experience) do little more than write threatening letters and make phone calls.

 Please reference our "About Us" page to find out more about our background (we don't want to repeat the same information here). 

The table below describes services that we do NOT provide:

Minimum Judgment Amount: Due to the time, effort, and expenses involved with recovering a judgment, KJR does NOT recover Judgments that are less than $1500 in value.
Geographic Location: We do NOT recover Judgments if the Debtor and their assets are located outside the state of OHIO or if the judgment was issued by a court outside of OHIO. 
Other Private Investigator tasks: At this time, we do not provide task that a Private Investigator firm may provide such as:
  • Skip Traces
  • Finding missing Persons or Possessions
  • Surveillance


Please visit the "What we Do" page for further details.

We look forward to working with you!

Please be advised that Keynote Judgment Recovery, Ltd. are not attorneys and thus we do NOT offer legal opinions or legal advice.  Do NOT interpret any of the information found on this website or any of our other marketing material as legal advice.  If you feel you need legal advise, please consult with an attorney registered to do business in your state.