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The Keynote Judgment Recovery (KJR), Ltd. Team

We are Judgment Recovery Specialist.  We know how to recover money owed on existing judgments or other court orders.  Most of our judgment recovery business is focused in Greater Cincinnati in the state of Ohio where we are located for logistical reasons.  But we have successfully recovered money from people living anywhere in the United States.

We first got involved with the judgment recovery business in 2000 as a necessary part of our property management business Keynote Property, Inc.  There were many occasions where a lease agreement was broken or the Resident left with a balance due varying in size from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars.

Needless to say, being able to recover the funds owed on these accounts was a critical part of our property management business.  After successfully pursuing these accounts as part of our property management business over the past ten plus years, we decided in early 2009 to offer this as a service to others.

We understand the frustration of providing a product or service to someone who then refuses to pay and keep up their end of the agreement.  After taking the additional time and expense (legal fees, trips to the court, attorney's fees) to obtain a judgment against the debtor, the courts says "Congratulations we officially acknowledge that THEY owe you the money....".  Now the real challenge begins, GETTING THE MONEY FROM THE DEBTOR!!!

If the Debtor is willing to pay, you don't need Keynote Judgment Recovery's (KJR) help.  But in many cases the Debtor simply won't pay voluntarily.  These are the cases where KJR can help.

Keynote Judgment Recovery is NOT like most other "Collection Companies".  During our early years in the property management business, we turned a number of our accounts over to several "Collection Companies" (and paid a large amount of money upfront in order to do so).  We discovered in the subsequent months that these so called "Collection Companies" do little more than write letters and make phone calls to the Debtor.  That's it.  Occasionally the Debtor would make a payment but the large majority of the time the Debtor just ignored the "Collection Companies" and eventually the "Collection Companies" would notify us that they had exhausted all their efforts and now considered the file "dead".  Thanks a lot!

Keynote Judgment Recovery doesn't write letters and make phone calls.  We will purchase your judgment right upfront and you will have NO upfront expenses (no more throwing good money after bad).  After purchasing the judgment we will find where the Debtor Lives and find where they work, where they have their assets and then recover the money owed on the judgment.  We send you your portion of the funds recovered per the purchase agreement that was signed when we purchased the judgment.

It's not that the Debtor doesn't have money.  They do.  They are living and working somewhere.  They probably have a checking and savings account somewhere.  But how do you find where they live and find where they work or where they bank?  And even if you did know where the live/work/bank, what's the process to make them pay?

KJR specializes in finding where people live/work/bank and knows the process to then recover the money that is owed.  You just sit back and cash checks!  We do all the work.  NO upfront cost to you.  We cover the expenses of doing the recovery as they are incurred and we are reimbursed for the allowable expenses out of the funds that are recovered from the debtor.  If no funds are recovered then we are out that amount of money not you!

For further information on how KJR can help you, please do one of the following:

1.  Call us at 513-396-SALE.

2. Click on CONTACT US link and send us an email, fax, or call.

3. Look at the rest of our website to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and find out more details of how we run our business by visiting "the Process" section of the website.

Keynote Judgment Recovery has a squeaky clean credit rating and a rock solid, proven track record of performance.  Ask for a list of our references and check out some of our customer's heart felt testimonials concerning how we were able to help.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Please be advised that Keynote Judgment Recovery, Ltd. are not attorneys and thus we do NOT offer legal opinions or legal advice.  Do NOT interpret any of the information found on this website or any of our other marketing material as legal advice.  If you feel you need legal advise, please consult with an attorney registered to do business in your state.