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Client Testimonials

How have we helped our clients in the past?  Great question and we are glad you asked.  One indicator that we mean what we say and deliver what we promised are the recommendations from our past Clients shown below:

"We won a judgment from the court but we coulod not find where the Debtor lived or worked.  We had almost given up when we heard about Keynote Judgment Recovery.  They took the information that we had and ran with it.  We didn't have to do anything else.  The next thing we know we get a call that Keynote had recovered the full judgment amount.  We received a check shortly thereafter.  We were so happy and it couldn't have come at a better time!  Without Keynote I don't think we would have ever gotten paid.  They were very professional and did just what they said they would.  I would recommend them very highly to anyone who may need help with the collection process."

- Richard Bitzer

"Our thanks to Keynote Judgment Recovery for collection 100% of our judgment and paying us promptly as agreed."

- Victor & Bernice Holland

"Dave Tobin and Keynote Judgment Recovery is wonderful to work with... they took the time to explain the "process" to us and they are 100% devoted to collecting on our judgments.  We gave them 4 judgments to collect on.  They have already located where all four of the debtors live or work and have already put into place two garnishment actions to collect money that we had given hope of every collecting.  Thanks!"

- Marv Miller of R.F. Miller Properties, Inc.

"We had accumulated a number of judgments from years of being a Landlord.  We had tried to collect on a number of them but they either ignored us or made promises to pay but didn't.  We would like to thank Keynote Judgment Recovery for their persistence and 'can do' attitude.  Now we have received thousands of dollars that we would never have received other wise.  Thanks!"

- Anne of NewCastle Valley Property, Inc.


"Mr. Tobin and Keynote Judgment Recovery provided a valuable service.  They were able to collect a bad debt I had long ago written off.  I would recommend them as effective and professional company."

- Andrew Hargis.

We have many more satisfied Clients but until recently were not asking them for testimonials like those found above.


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