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The process to work with Keynote Judgment Recovery, Ltd. (KJR) works as follows:

1. Question Answering/Decision Making

  • KJR will answer any questions or concerns you have so you understand how we run our business and understand the benefits we have to offer so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Once you have decided that you want to place a judgment with KJR, the process continues with the steps below.

2. Information Gathering

  • KJR will need to gather information to process your judgment.  This is information about you, the judgment, and the Debtor(s).

  • Click Here to complete the "Place a Judgment" information form (also found in the Forms section of the website) or by clicking "Place a Judgment" on the menu.

3. KJR Case Review

  • KJR will typically call or email you to confirm that we received your request.  We can answer any questions you have and we will probably have some additional questions to ask to make sure we have all the information in regard to your case.

  • KJR will do a quick review of the case to make sure it is a case we are willing to take on.  Either way KJR will call you back to let you know.  Assuming we are going to take the case on the process continues with the steps below.

4. Create Paperwork

  • KJR will then create the paperwork to document our agreement.  The paperwork typically consist of the following:

    • Assignment Agreement - This documents that you are assigning your judgment to KJR (reference the FAQs section for more details).  Please note that this document must be notarized which normally can be done at most banks, title companies, attorney's offices, etc.)

    • Purchase Agreement - This documents how you and KJR will be compensated when funds are recovered from the Debtor and how expenses will be handled. (reference the FAQs section for more details).

5.  Complete the Paperwork

  • KJR will either email or mail you a copy of the paperwork with detailed instructions on how to complete it.  At the end of completing the paperwork you will have an approved copy of the paperwork as will KJR for each of our records.

  • Follow the instructions and return the paperwork to KJR.

6. Notify the Court of the Assignment

  • KJR will notify the court of the Judgment Assignment so that the court is aware of the change and KJR can proceed with its recovery efforts.

7. KJR will work to recover the judgment

  • KJR will work to recover the judgment but be forewarned..  This is NOT a fast process.   

  • During the process we may call you to ask an additional question but typically you will not hear from us unless we are sending you a payment or to inform you of something big like the debtor declaring bankruptcy, etc.

  • No one wants to be able to recover the judgment anymore than KJR because that is the only way we get paid for all our hard work!

8. KJR will make payments per the Purchase Agreement by sending a check to your address of record.

9. KJR will track the balance still due via the judgment.

  • KJR will petition the court to add the various "costs" of recovering the judgment be added to the amount that the Debtor owes before the judgment is considered to be paid in full.

10. Mission Accomplished.  The judgment has been 100% recovered.

  • KJR will send satisfaction of judgment notice to the court once it has been fully paid.

  • KJR would appreciate any kind words you are willing to share.  It will help KJR grow our business.  It only takes a few moments to complete.  It can be done via our online testimonial form on the website.  Thanks in advance for doing so.



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