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KJR vs. Doing it Yourself

Perhaps you still haven't given up hope on the Debtor waking up tomorrow and thinking, "You know I think today I'll send a certified check to good old <insert your name here> to pay off my balance in full..."  Sounds like a great dream but not a very realistic that it will ever happen.

The FAQ section has an answer to the "Why don't I just collect the judgment myself" question which we won't repeat here.

Below we compare your recovering the judgment yourself to having Keynote Judgment Recovery, Ltd. (KJR) helping you recover the money you are owed:


Description Do it Yourself work with  KJR
Success rate: You have had the judgment for how many months or years and haven't successfully recovered it.  80% of judgments are NEVER collected.  Are you going to let your judgment expire worthless and uncollected? We recover on a majority of the cases upon which we work.  That's because we do the leg work necessary to do so versus only writing letters and making phone calls!
Time: 100% your time.

Probably our most valuable asset is our time.  How much is your time worth?  You will spend your time to try and collect the judgment not to mention knowing how to do so.

100% our time.  If we are unsuccessful then we are out all the time and expenses we incurred in the recovery process.  If we are successful, we send you checks!
Expenses: (allowed by court) You pay 100% all the expenses, such as court cost, attorney fees, postage costs, processing fees, etc.  Again, the biggest "expense" is really your TIME. KJR covers 100% of the expenses.  If we are unsuccessful in recovering money from the Debtor, KJR is out the expenses incurred.  If KJR is successful in recovering money from the Debtor, we first cover our expenses and split the remaining amount per our agreement.  We will petition the court to add allowable expenses to the amount the Debtor owes and if successful the Debtor will wind up paying the expenses.
Other Expenses: You pay 100% of the other expenses like gas, use of vehicle, long distance phone charges, and again YOUR TIME KJR covers these expenses regardless of whether anything is recovered from the Debtor.  You are not charged for our time or miscellaneous expenses.
Keeping the Judgment from Expiring: You will be responsible for remember to keep the judgment from expiring and the time and expense of filing paperwork with the court to keep the judgment active. KJR takes care of everything.

We provide a very needed and valuable service to our clients by changing a worthless piece of paper called a "judgment" into income to our clients.

We look forward to working with you in the recovery of the money you are owed.  If you are ready to get started, then it's time to place a judgment with Keynote Judgment Recovery, Ltd.