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KJR vs. A Collection Company

There are other companies out there in the world that you can contact and work with to "collect" your judgment.  We have used several of them ourselves and came away very dissatisfied.  So as not to repeat ourselves, visit the About us section for further details on who we are and what we bring to the table.

Below we compare what it is like working with many "Collection Companies" versus working with Keynote Judgment Recovery, Ltd. (KJR):


Description Other "Collection Companies"


What actions are taken to recover your judgment: They will write letters and make phone calls to the Debtor.  That's it.  If the letters and phone calls don't work, your done.  No money is recovered. We do not call or write the Debtor to request payment.  We find where the Debtor lives and find where they work, and where they have their assets and then recover the money the Debtor owes.  PERIOD!
Success rate: National average is about 28% of the time some money is collected. We recover on a majority of the cases upon which we work.  That's because we do the leg work necessary to do so versus only writing letters and making phone calls!
Upfront Costs: Normally there are upfront costs that you have to pay before the collection company will start to work on your judgment.  You may have to pay to become one of their customers.  You may have to pay a certain amount for each different type of action that your case warrants.  If they are unsuccessful in their collection efforts, you have spent the money you gave them. No upfront costs.
Expenses: (allowed by court) Most collection companies make you pay the expenses they will incur plus money to cover their other costs (labor, car, etc.) upfront so that they will never lose money working on your judgment.  It is more of a front loaded pay system.  You pay upfront and hopefully they will collect or all of your judgment. KJR covers 100% of the expenses.  If we are unsuccessful in recovering money from the Debtor, KJR is out the expenses incurred.  If KJR is successful in recovering money from the Debtor, we first cover our expenses and split the remaining amount per our agreement.  We will petition the court to add any allowable expenses to the amount the Debtor owes and if successful the Debtor will wind up paying the expenses.  Please note that on average expenses are around $200.  They may be more they may be less but normally it isn't a large sum of money.
Other Expenses: same comment as expenses above.  You pay upfront. KJR covers these expenses regardless of whether anything is recovered from the Debtor.  You are not charged for our time, gas, etc.  Only expenses that are specific to the recovery of the specific judgment..
Keeping the Judgment from Expiring: You will be responsible for remember to keep the judgment from expiring and the time and expense of filing paperwork with the court to keep the judgment active.  Most collection companies do not track this kind of information and will allow your judgment to expire.  SORRY! KJR takes care of everything.

We provide a very needed and valuable service to our clients by changing a worthless piece of paper called a "judgment" into income to those judgments that KJR purchases.

We look forward to working with you.   If you are ready to get started, then it's time to place a judgment with Keynote Judgment Recovery, Ltd.